Tradition Unlike No Other

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Formed in the early 90's and best known as SAHOCA, SRC is a rugby club which consist of former Sultan Abdul Hamid College rugby players. We consistently participated in all local tournaments and the club is well known in Malaysian rugby scene. What began with a small rugby team that was formed for the sake of gathering and celebrating the camaraderie, now SRC is deemed as one of the leading alumni club in Malaysia Rugby. Our club have a long history. The school team was established in 1932 by Cikgu Salleh and supported by Mr. Wilson who was then the Sultan Abdul Hamid College Headmaster. Freshly developed during the schooling period, the players continue to emerge on the pitch where some of the players became Malaysia Internationals. With the collective effort among the players, the seniors in the 90s decided to form SAHOCA Rugby Club where the first of the many appearances was SMSS 10's in the 90's. SRC then was properly registered with the Commissioner of Sports under the Ministry of Youth and Sports in 2012. Since then, numerous club activities was organized from participating in local and international tournaments and organizing our own International Tournaments. Post pandemic, SRC is looking forward to continuing the legacy that was benchmarked by our fore brothers. 

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Forging Camaraderie On The Pitch

Since it's inception, SRC have been actively participating in local and international tournaments. We are also proud to say that our beloved Club has produced a handful of Malaysian Internationals. Amongst the other achievement that this Club had achieved in the past are: Runner Up Cambodia 10's 2017, Semi Finalist Phuket 10's 2015, 13 times champion of SMSS 10's. Champion of ANSARA 7's, Semi Finalist of Malaysia Rugby League Div 2, Semi Finalist of National Inter Club Chamionship, 8 Times Champion of Kedah League, Champion of Pesta Penang 10's.