Kangar 10's 2022

Kangar 10's 2022

Ending 2022 with a bang.

SRC participated in Kangar 10's 2022, a tournament that has fairly a collection of prestige clubs around Malaysia. In addition the "National Level Players" also taken their time off season to play in up north.

Our first pool match was agains OPI RC, a team that combined some of the famous faces in Malaysia Rugby. It was a tight game and we were running out of luck and had to settle for 0-5 defeat. 

Huddle up before the match

The team that SRC brought for this tournament was a "collection" of some strong and seasoned player for the calendar (at least in Kedah). It was a combination of SUKMA Players, some senior Kedah Players and of course our Alma Mater boys. 

Our second game was against Royal Bison RC. After the defeat in our first match, the boys were eager to prove that they were there for something. The game ended 29-0 to SRC as Royal Bison RC only can stand and watch our boys went rampage. 


The final pool match ended with another loss to Blacrows RC. Bowl Category will be the next destination following the 0-5 loss to Blacrows RC. Moving on to the second day, our first match in the Bowl Category will be the Quarter Final against Matador RC. 

In the match against Matador RC, the game ended with a comfortable win for our boys. 19-0 was the score as the boys ready to prepare for the semi-final as they set their eyes for the Bowl Champion. In the semi-final, we were drawn with Northern Wanderers, our neighbour from Alor Setar. It was a tight score match where our boys managed to clinch the winning try at the very last minute.

Onto the final, SRC comfortably cruise past UUM 17-0 as the boys showed determination and dedication. As if they weren't settling for Bowl Category but what's done is done, maybe we can return another day to prove something.


It was the first tournament after 3 years for SAHOCA RC. This new breed will move forward and with good support and guidance anything is possible.

Work hard, nobody cares.